Windows 11 Home Vs. Windows 11 Pro

There are notable distinctions between Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro. One significant contrast is the requirement for a Microsoft account and an internet connection during the setup process for Windows 11 Home, while this prerequisite does not apply to Windows 11 Pro. This variation is geared towards providing a more streamlined setup experience for Windows 11 Pro users, particularly in business and enterprise environments.

Beyond this confirmed difference, it is widely expected that Windows 11 Pro will offer an array of supplementary security and business-oriented features not available in the Home version. These additional capabilities may include enhanced data protection mechanisms, advanced device management options, and specific functionalities tailored to meet the demands of professional users and organizations. Windows 11 Pro is designed to cater to business-related needs, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features to ensure greater security, productivity, and efficiency in workplace settings. As a result, organizations and users seeking a more robust and tailored operating system experience are likely to find Windows 11 Pro an advantageous choice over the Home version.

Windows Security

Windows 11 Pro is specifically equipped with additional security features to address the unique requirements of business users who handle particularly sensitive information. These enhanced security measures are crucial for safeguarding confidential data, protecting intellectual property, and mitigating potential security risks in a corporate environment.

Feature Windows 11 Home Windows 11 Pro
BitLocker device encryption NO Yes
Windows Information Protection (WIP) NO Yes
Integrated with Microsoft Information Protection NO Yes
Remote deployment and compliance NO Yes
Windows Sandbox NO Yes
Device encryption Yes Yes
Find my device Yes Yes
Firewall and network protection Yes Yes
Internet protection Yes Yes
Parental controls and protection Yes Yes
Secure boot Yes Yes
Windows Hello Yes Yes
Windows Security Yes Yes
Application Control Yes Yes
Automatic encryption on capable devices Yes Yes
Biometrics Yes Yes
Multifactor Authentication Yes Yes
Protection from fileless based attacks Yes Yes
Windows Defender Antivirus Yes Yes
Windows Defender System Guard Yes Yes

Windows Business

Windows 11 Pro may include Windows Information Protection (WIP), enabling businesses to safeguard corporate data from accidental leakage by applying data protection policies. This feature helps maintain a clear separation between personal and business data on the device, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure even when accessed from personal devices.

Feature Windows 11 Home Windows 11 Pro
Assigned Access NO Yes
Azure Active Directory Join NO Yes
Dynamic Provisioning NO Yes
Microsoft Store for Business NO Yes
Cloud managed updates NO Yes
Enterprise State Roaming with Azure NO Yes
eSIM Enterprise Solutions NO Yes
Group Policy NO Yes
Kiosk mode setup NO Yes
Mobile Application Management NO Yes
Mobile device management NO Yes
Seamless local and virtual apps NO Yes
Support for Active Directory NO Yes
Support for Azure Active Directory NO Yes
Windows Autopilot NO Yes
Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) NO Yes
Windows Update for Business NO Yes
Delivery Optimization Yes Yes
Express Updates Yes Yes

Business Communication

Windows 11 Pro may provide more advanced management capabilities through Windows Update for Business. This feature allows organizations to have greater control over when and how updates are deployed, helping ensure that devices remain up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates.

Feature Windows 11 Home Windows 11 Pro
Focus on meetings Yes Yes
Mute/Unmute from taskbar Yes Yes
Share from taskbar Yes Yes

home vs pro

User Experience

Windows 11 Pro may offer features such as BitLocker, a robust encryption tool that provides full disk encryption to prevent unauthorized access to data in case of device theft or loss. Another important security feature is Windows Defender Exploit Guard, which helps protect against various types of cyber-attacks and prevents exploits from compromising the system.

Feature Windows 11 Home Windows 11 Pro
Accessibility Yes Yes
Android Apps Yes Yes
AutoHDR Yes Yes
Cloud Clipboard Yes Yes
Cortana Yes Yes
Desktops Yes Yes
Faster boot time Yes Yes
Fluid tablet experience Yes Yes
Focus Assist Yes Yes
Microsoft 365 apps on Windows Yes Yes
Microsoft Edge Yes Yes
Microsoft Power Automate Yes Yes
Microsoft search in Windows 11 Yes Yes
Microsoft Whiteboard Yes Yes
Multi-tasking Yes Yes
OneDrive Yes Yes
Single Sign-on Yes Yes
Snap groups Yes Yes
Snap layouts Yes Yes
Touch, pen voice, gesture Yes Yes
Voice Typing Yes Yes
Widgets Yes Yes
Windows Ink Yes Yes
Work across devices Yes Yes
Microsoft Store Yes Yes
Microsoft Teams Yes Yes
Gaming Yes Yes
Remote Desktop NO Yes
OneDrive for Business NO Yes
Hyper-V NO Yes

**Features and app availability may vary by region.


By incorporating these extra security features, Windows 11 Pro empowers businesses to establish a secure and resilient computing environment, protecting critical data and minimizing the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks. This emphasis on security makes Windows 11 Pro an ideal choice for organizations that prioritize the protection of sensitive information and seek comprehensive solutions to meet their unique security needs.