VB.NET Chat Server Program

Multithreaded Socket Programming serves as the fundamental concept underlying TCP Chat Server communication. In the preceding section, we explored the field of Multithreaded Socket Programming, where a Multithreaded Server Socket Program adeptly engages in simultaneous communication with multiple Clients. However, it is essential to note that this communication strictly occurs between the Server and the Clients or vice versa, leaving no room for direct interaction among the Clients themselves.

In contrast, within the domain of a Multithreaded Chat Server, an intriguing paradigm unfolds, wherein a Client possesses the ability to engage in seamless communication with an unlimited number of Clients who are presently connected to the Chat Server. This creates a vibrant and interactive environment, developing dynamic exchanges and maintaining a sense of interconnectedness among the participating Clients.


Each individual client is capable of transmitting messages to the server, while the server, in turn, performs the vital task of disseminating these messages to all clients who are actively connected to the chat server. Through the utilization of a VB.NET TCP Chat Server, an elegant and efficient communication framework is established, enabling seamless and real-time exchanges between clients, as visually depicted in the accompanying diagram.


VB.Net chat server example

The VB.NET Multithreaded Chat Server program has two sections.

1. Chat Server

2. Chat Client

Download Chat Server Program

Chat Server Download

Chat Client Download

How to run Chat Server program ?

To successfully initiate the chat system, follow these sequential steps:

  1. Begin by running the Server program before launching the Client program.
  2. Within the Client program, enter a desired chat name into the designated field. Subsequently, click the "Connect to Server" button to establish a connection with the server.
  3. Upon establishing a connection, the Server program will promptly display a notification indicating the arrival of a new user in the chat room. This message will be in the format of "User Joined Chat Room."
  4. For optimal performance, it is advisable to compile and build the program, generating executable files (.exe). Running the system using these executable files ensures smoother execution and enhanced stability.
  5. To facilitate multiple participants, repeat the aforementioned steps to connect additional clients to the chat server. Consequently, all connected clients can engage in interactive conversations with one another, creating a vibrant and engaging chat environment.