What is a Satellite Assembly?

A satellite assembly is a valuable component within the .NET Framework that encompasses language-specific resources. By utilizing satellite assemblies, you have the ability to segregate resources pertaining to various languages into separate assemblies. Consequently, the appropriate assembly is exclusively loaded into memory when the user opts to view the application in a particular language.

In essence, it is generally recommended for assemblies to include culture-neutral resources, which can be comprehended by users regardless of their language preferences. However, if you aspire to localize your assembly, allowing for the utilization of distinct strings tailored for different locales, satellite assemblies serve as the ideal solution.

Assembly Linker

To compile .resources files into satellite assemblies, you can make use of the Assembly Linker (Al.exe). This powerful tool facilitates the creation of assemblies based on the specified .resources files. Notably, it is essential to note that satellite assemblies solely accommodate resources and cannot incorporate any executable code, adhering to their defined purpose and function within the .NET Framework.