ADO.NET Dataset

ADO.NET was designed with a disconnected architecture in mind. The DataSet, as a core component of ADO.NET, serves as an in-memory representation of data that is completely independent of the original data source.


The DataSet provides a versatile and flexible data storage container that can hold multiple DataTables, relationships between tables, and constraints. It allows developers to work with data locally, manipulate it, perform complex queries, and maintain data integrity.

While the DataSet is disconnected from the data source, it can still utilize the services provided by the Data Providers to retrieve information from the original data source. The Data Providers, such as the .NET Data Providers for SQL Server or OLE DB, facilitate communication with the data source and assist in populating the DataSet with data retrieved from the source.

The DataSet object provides a rich set of functionalities and methods for data manipulation, including filtering, sorting, searching, and updating data. It allows for efficient data retrieval and management in a disconnected environment, providing flexibility and improved performance.

The upcoming VB.NET programs will provide valuable insights and knowledge about the DataSet object. These programs will cover various aspects of working with DataSet, enabling you to enhance your understanding and proficiency in utilizing this powerful in-memory data representation within your VB.NET applications.