Get the URL of the current page in C# - Asp.Net

Above code will return the absolute URL . "", for example, or it will return localhost URL if you are in the local environment. It is important to note that Url.AbsoluteUri does return anything after the “#” symbol.

Also you can extract different values from URL using HttpContext.Current.Request

If you just need the part between "http://" and the first slash:

If you want only the scheme and authority of the request (protocol, host and port):

How to get the URL of the current page in C# - Asp.Net

To get the port no. of the URL:

To get AbsolutePath :

To get Application path :

To get Path and Query :

To get complete URL of Current page:

What does this code mean?

It takes the url of the current web request, including the query string , and then extracts the part before the query string i.e. the part before the question mark (?).

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