C# Crystal Reports sample databse

For generating Crystal Reports from C# , we need to connect a database and some tables with data. In the following section you can see how to create a sample Database and Tables and the data for running of the following Crystal Reports - C# Tutorial . All examples in the CSharp Crystal Reports Tutorial is based on the following database .

First we have to create a database named it as "crystaldb"

Create DataBase "crystaldb"

In the crystaldb database , create three tables

  1. OrderMaster
  2. OrderDetails
  3. Product
The Table Structure follows : OrderMaster
  1. OrderMaster_id
  2. OrderMaster_date
  3. OrderMaster_customer
  4. OrderMaster_createduser
  1. OrderDetails_id
  2. OrderDetails_masterid
  3. OrderDetails_productid
  4. OrderDetails_qty
  1. Product_id
  2. Product_name
  3. Product_price

The following picture shows the relation of tables in crystaldb database :


SQL command for creating tables are follows :

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[OrderMaster] ( [OrderMaster_id] [int] NOT NULL , [OrderMaster_date] [datetime] NULL , [OrderMaster_customername] [varchar] (50), [OrderMaster_createduser] [varchar] (50) ) ON [PRIMARY]
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[OrderDetails] ( [OrderDetails_id] [int] NOT NULL , [OrderDetails_masterid] [int] NULL , [OrderDetails_productid] [int] NULL , [OrderDetails_qty] [int] NULL ) ON [PRIMARY]
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Product] ( [Product_id] [int] NOT NULL , [Product_name] [varchar] (50) , [Product_price] [numeric](18, 0) NULL ) ON [PRIMARY]

Enter some data to the tables :

From the following pictures you can see some data in the table for C# - Crystal Reports tutorial

Order Master Table Data


Order Details Table Data


Product Table Data