C# Dataset Tutorial

The ADO.NET DataSet is a powerful component that represents a complete set of data, including DataTableCollection and DataRelationCollection. It provides a disconnected data source architecture, allowing you to work with data independent of the underlying data source.

DataTable objects

The DataSet contains a collection of DataTable objects, each representing a table of data with its own structure and schema. The DataTableCollection within the DataSet allows you to manage multiple tables within a single DataSet, enabling you to organize and manipulate related data.


To populate a DataSet with data from a data source, you can utilize the DataAdapter Class. The DataAdapter acts as a bridge between the data source and the DataSet, providing methods such as Fill() to retrieve data from the data source and populate the DataTables within the DataSet.

DataAdapter and DataSet

By using the DataAdapter and DataSet in combination, you can build and fill each DataTable in the DataSet with data retrieved from the data source. This allows for efficient retrieval and management of data, regardless of the specific data source being used.

The DataSet offers a disconnected data source architecture, meaning you can manipulate and work with the data independently of the original data source. This provides flexibility and allows for offline data processing, caching, and efficient data manipulation within your application.

To learn more about the DataSet Class and explore detailed examples with C# source code, you can refer to the provided link. This resource will provide comprehensive information on working with the DataSet, including creating and populating DataTables, defining relationships, and utilizing the disconnected data source architecture.