C# sample programs

C# provides the flexibility to develop various types of applications, including console-based applications and Windows-based applications. Console-based applications are command-line programs that interact with the user through a text-based console window, where input and output occur in a sequential manner. On the other hand, Windows-based applications are graphical user interface (GUI) applications that provide a visual interface with interactive elements like buttons, menus, and windows.

Console-based and Windows-based Applications

To gain a basic understanding of console-based applications and Windows-based applications in C#, you can refer to the following links. These resources will provide you with insights into the fundamental concepts, features, and development approaches for each type of application, enabling you to start building your own programs in the desired context.

CSHARP Console based Application

CSHARP Windows based Application

By exploring these resources, you will be equipped with a foundational understanding of the respective application types, allowing you to embark on your journey of creating console-based or Windows-based applications using C#.