C# Data Providers

ADO.NET classes are categorized into two distinct components: the Data Providers and the Dataset. These components work together to facilitate database connectivity, data retrieval, and manipulation. The Data Providers are responsible for establishing connections, executing commands, and retrieving data from a database. On the other hand, the Dataset represents an independent local buffer that holds tables and relationships, providing a disconnected and flexible environment for working with data.

ADO.NET classes

In the following C# programs, you will witness some fundamental operations performed using ADO.NET classes:

Establishing a database connection

This program demonstrates how to establish a connection to a database using a specific Data Provider. It showcases the necessary steps, such as specifying the connection string, creating a connection object, and opening the connection.

Executing database commands

This program illustrates the execution of various types of database commands, such as SQL queries, inserts, updates, and deletes. It showcases how to create and execute command objects, providing the necessary parameters and retrieving results.

Retrieving data using a DataAdapter

This program showcases how to use a DataAdapter to retrieve data from a database and populate a Dataset with the retrieved results. It demonstrates the process of creating a DataAdapter, specifying the SQL query or stored procedure, and filling the Dataset with the retrieved data.

Manipulating data in a Dataset

This program exhibits how to perform basic data manipulation operations within a Dataset. It covers tasks such as adding new rows, modifying existing data, and deleting rows from the Dataset.

By exploring these C# programs, you will gain a solid understanding of the core operations performed using ADO.NET classes. These programs will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to work with ADO.NET effectively, enabling you to connect to databases, retrieve data, and manipulate data within a Dataset.