What is Data Science?

You've probably heard the terms before and are think about: What is data science? Well, Data science is the study of how to extract and apply insights from data . At a time when 1.7 megabytes of data is created every second by each person during these yeares, it's crucial to know how to wade through information, and structure, interpret , and present it in a relevant way. By this time, organizations had also begun to view data as a product upon which they could capitalize. Data Science capitalizes on the huge explosion in available data that the world has seen over the last decades and that will continue. It's not to be confused with Data Analytics , which is the act of analyzing and explain data.
what is data science

Why Data Science?

Data science can be used to retrieve knowledge about behaviors and processes , write algorithms that process huge amount of information fast and efficiently , increase safety and privacy of sensitive information, and advice data-driven decision-making . The operation starts with business knowledge and data understanding , followed by data exploration and preparation, modeling , evaluation, and deployment. From the task and activity point of view, a general list of task associated with data science roles can be sum up below:
  1. Business Understanding
  2. Data Exploration and Preparation
  3. Data Representation and Transformation
  4. Computing with Data
  5. Model Building
  6. Model Evaluation and Maintenance
  7. Visualization and Presentation
  8. Deployment and Application Development

Data Science Skills

Statistical analysis is a core element of Data Science because it teaches how to build robust conclusions with imperfect data . Computing is a central component because computer-programming allows us to apply analysis techniques to the large and diverse data sets that arise in real-world applications: not just numbers, but text, images, videos, and sensor readings . Whether you're looking to become a data-scientist or simply want to learn how to drive business results with data, here are the top seven data science skills for professionals.
  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Mathematical Ability
  3. Programming Skills
  4. Data Wrangling
  5. Machine Learning
  6. Ethical Skills
  7. Communication

A Complete Guide to Data Science

Driving the Demand for Data Scientists

With faster processing speeds than ever before, information technology world took a giant leap into the new decade, blazing a trail for individuals ready and willing to conquer the mountain of vast amount of data that had only begun to grow. Regardless of your organization or title, knowledge of Data Science concepts and tools can enable you to make more data-driven decisions, understand your organization's performance, and plan for the future .