Why do We Need Data Science

As a simple working definition, we define Data Science simply to be the science of pull out knowledge from information. Over the last fifteen years, data science has continued to develop and permeate nearly every organization that generates or relies on information. Every field of science and study or business, therefore, needs an updated set of operational systems and technology to keep up with the challenges of today and tomorrow as well as to attain solutions for unanswered questions . So, Data science is essential in almost every field. It needs to grow and progress within its systems to handle emerging issues in every organization, business, and industries. The system which answer complex problems should be advanced enough to provide simple solutions.
What is the Purpose of Data Science?

Importance of Data Science

The data generated on per day basis are way too vast to handle and around 75% of the top business organizations are moving into this field which creates a tight competition between the companies. So to handle these types of Data, organizations are going for Data Science . Online shopping giant Amazon sells more than 42% of its commodities through recommendation systems. Search king Google uses your browsing history for showing internet advertisements which is its main source of revenue. Also, Microsoft keeps some hidden reporting feature on so that they can collect most of your information. So, information is today's fuel . More the information you have more money you can make.