What is jQuery?

jQuery stands as an indispensable pillar underpinning the contemporary digital landscape, its significance reverberating throughout the internet's fabric over the course of the past decade. Functioning as a dynamic JavaScript library, it harbors an extensive repertoire of inbuilt functionalities, effectively encapsulating the core essence of JavaScript itself.

The staggering adoption rates speak volumes, with nearly two-thirds of the World Wide Web's upper echelon, encompassing the ten million most esteemed and frequented websites, embracing its versatile capabilities. Originating from the creative mind of John Resig in the year 2006, jQuery was born with an admirable ethos encapsulated by the motto "Write less, do more," signifying its commitment to efficiency and productivity. Notably, it embodies the values of accessibility and collaboration, being offered as a free, open-source resource to developers and coders across the global community.

The fundamental objective of jQuery is to significantly enhance the usability of JavaScript within the context of your website. Serving as its bedrock, jQuery is a sophisticated library specializing in the manipulation of the Document Object Model (DOM), which serves as a hierarchical depiction of all the constituent elements comprising a web page. By virtue of its comprehensive features, jQuery streamlines the syntax required for the discovery, selection, and manipulation of these DOM elements.

Furthermore, it operates as an expeditious and concise JavaScript Library, facilitating the seamless handling of events, dynamic animations, and Ajax interactions, thereby expediting the pace of web development. Remarkably, comprehensive web analyses substantiate jQuery's unparalleled dominance as the most extensively employed JavaScript library by a considerable margin.

popular browsers

As an invaluable tool for streamlining the process of website development, jQuery supports all the most popular browsers, including:

  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Internet Explorer 9+
  4. Edge
  5. Safari
  6. Opera

Without a shred of doubt, jQuery reigns supreme as the epitome of JavaScript libraries, wielding unparalleled power in the contemporary landscape. With each passing day, its dominance only amplifies, solidifying its position as an unrivaled force.


Serving as an open-source marvel, jQuery stands as a testament to the spirit of collaboration and innovation, seamlessly amalgamating the finest elements the web has to offer. As a testament to its prowess, this illustrious collection remains freely accessible to all, empowering developers worldwide with its remarkable capabilities.