How to get help in windows 11

There is always a time where everyone needs help. If you have any issue or getting trouble at any movement probably you want to get solutions quickly so you can go back for your normal work again. Hence, it is important to know how to get Microsoft support related to Windows 11 problems.

How to get windows 11 help

Fortunately, there are a plenty of ways in Microsoft Windows 11 Operating System which you can use to get Windows 11 help and rectify the PC problems or even help someone else too. Here are the help options available to you in Windows 11:

Search for help

Enter a query or keywords in the search box on the taskbar of Windows 11 to find apps, files, settings, and get help from the web.

Microsoft Online Support Chat

This app is pre-installed on your Windows 11 Operating System. You can use the search bar to locate the Contact support App. This App lets you navigate to the section which best describes your issue that you're looking to get help and given the option to Chat With Tech Support For Windows 11. Moreover, Microsoft chat representatives are available 24/7.

Head over to to find answers to more complex problems, browse support content in different categories, and contact support.

F1 key

F1 key is the legendary key to get help in any Windows Operating System. It has been the Windows shortcut key for help in documentation, and that remains the case in Windows 11.

Get help

Select the Get help link when you're in Settings to learn more about the setting you're using and find answers to your questions. Type in your problems in the search bar, and it will suggest articles from its knowledge to assist you in the auto-complete bar. You can select them or continue to the standard search for exploring support articles in the result.

windows 11 support

Get Started App

Get started app offers a short guided trip for Windows 11 users. Click the Start button and click the Get Started icon from the Start menu.

Contact Microsoft Support by Phone

Contact Microsoft support through phone at 1 800-642-7676, which is available 24-hour a day. Find the region-specific support contact phone here .

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