jQuery Hello World

JQuery is the most popular Javascript Library . It is a powerful JavaScript API which makes it a lot easier to perform various standard JavaScript actions in your HTML page. All the power of jQuery is accessed via JavaScript, so having a strong grasp of JavaScript is essential for understanding, structuring, and debugging your code.

A "HELLO WORLD!!" is a simple program that outputs "HELLO WORLD!!" on the screen. Since it's a very simple program, it's often used to introduce a new programming to a newbie. Let's go over the "HELLO WORLD!!" program, which simply prints "HELLO WORLD!!" in a messeagebox.

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Adding jQuery to Your Web Page

The above line shows how to include jQuery from a CDN, like Google.

Document Ready Event

Here $() indicates jQuery syntax and is used to define jQuery part. $(document).ready() method get called when document is loaded.

We have used jQuery selector here. $(#myButton) actually selects DOM element with that id, so $(#myButton) selects button and when we click on that button,click function will get called, then we called the alert function with message "HELLO WORLD!!" .
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