Export ASP.NET to Excel

To export data from an ASP.NET application to an Excel file, you can use the EPPlus library. EPPlus is a widely used open-source library that provides easy-to-use methods for creating and manipulating Excel files. Here's an example of how you can export data to an Excel file using EPPlus:

Install the EPPlus NuGet package to your ASP.NET project.

Import the required namespaces:

using OfficeOpenXml; using System.IO;

Create a method to export data to Excel:

protected void ExportToExcel(DataTable data, string filePath) { // Create a new Excel package using (ExcelPackage excelPackage = new ExcelPackage()) { // Create a worksheet ExcelWorksheet worksheet = excelPackage.Workbook.Worksheets.Add("Sheet1"); // Load the data into the worksheet worksheet.Cells["A1"].LoadFromDataTable(data, true); // Save the Excel package to a file File.WriteAllBytes(filePath, excelPackage.GetAsByteArray()); } }

Call the ExportToExcel method, providing the data as a DataTable and the file path where you want to save the Excel file:

DataTable data = GetData(); // Replace with your own method to retrieve data string filePath = "path_to_save_excel_file.xlsx"; ExportToExcel(data, filePath);

Make sure to replace "path_to_save_excel_file.xlsx" with the desired file path where you want to save the Excel file.

This code will create a new Excel package using EPPlus, add a worksheet, load the data from the DataTable into the worksheet, and save the Excel package to the specified file path. The resulting Excel file will contain the data from the DataTable.