ASP.NET GridView

The GridView control represents a significant advancement over its predecessor, the DataGrid, as it incorporates numerous enhancements. This advanced control empowers you to exhibit an extensive assortment of data, facilitating the inclusion of sorting and paging functionalities effortlessly. Moreover, it grants the capability for inline editing, thereby further expanding its utility. Notably, the GridView surpasses its primary purpose of data display, as it enables users to edit and delete the presented information, thereby enhancing its versatility.

The GridView offers a valuable set of accompanying view controls, namely the DetailsView and FormView. By using the combined capabilities of these controls, developers can effortlessly establish master-detail views, often requiring minimal or even no additional code. Subsequent chapters in this context will investigate into various essential operations related to the ASP.NET GridView control, allowing for an in-depth exploration of its features and functionalities.