ASP.NET Repeater

The ASP.NET Repeater control is a versatile container control that empowers developers to create custom lists using data from various sources available on the web page. It offers a high level of customization, enabling developers to tailor the appearance and functionality of the list to their specific requirements.

Does not impose any built-in layout

Unlike some other controls, the Repeater does not impose any built-in layout or styles. This provides developers with complete control over the layout and presentation of the list. To define the layout, formatting, and styles, developers must explicitly declare and configure appropriate tags within the control's templates.

Offers a range of functionalities and features

The Repeater control offers a range of functionalities and features that enhance the flexibility and power of list creation. By exploring the ASP.NET chapters dedicated to the Repeater control, developers can gain insights into its important functionalities. These chapters provide valuable information and guidance on how to use the Repeater control effectively in ASP.NET applications.

Through these chapters, developers can learn how to bind data to the Repeater control, customize the layout using templates, apply conditional formatting, implement pagination, enable sorting, and perform various other operations to optimize the user experience. The chapters investigate into the nuances of working with the Repeater control, providing valuable insights and best practices to help developers make the most of its capabilities.