ASP.NET Excel Automation

Automating an Excel file in ASP.NET allows for performing various operations on Excel files directly from the application. By connecting to an Excel file using the Microsoft Jet Engine, we can interact with it as if it were a SQL database. This opens up a range of possibilities for working with Excel data within ASP.NET applications.

Automating an Excel file in ASP.NET

In the following chapters, you will learn how to establish a connection to an Excel file from an ASP.NET application and automate various tasks. This includes reading data from Excel, writing data to Excel, manipulating worksheets, formatting cells, performing calculations, and much more.

By using the power of automation, ASP.NET developers can seamlessly integrate Excel functionality into their applications, providing users with enhanced data manipulation capabilities. Whether it's importing data from Excel into a database, generating reports, or performing complex calculations, the ability to connect and automate Excel files opens up a world of possibilities in ASP.NET development.