Create a Pandas DataFrame from List of Dicts

To convert your list of dicts to a pandas dataframe use the following methods:

  1. pd.DataFrame(data)
  2. pd.DataFrame.from_dict(data)
  3. pd.DataFrame.from_records(data)

Depending on the structure and format of your data, there are situations where either all three methods work, or some work better than others, or some don't work at all.

Create List of Dictionaries

List of dictionaries to a pandas DataFrame

from_dict() method

Dictionary Orientations

There are two primary types of dictionary orientations : "columns" , and "index" . So, it is important to make the distinction between the different types of dictionary orientations. Dictionaries with the orient='columns' will have their keys correspond to columns in the equivalent DataFrame.

from_records() method

Setting Custom Index

If you want to set custom index you can use index parameter .
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