C# Font Dialog Box

Font dialog box represents a common dialog box that displays a list of fonts that are currently installed on the system. The Font dialog box lets the user choose attributes for a logical font, such as font family and associated font style, point size, effects , and a script .

C# font-dialog-box

The following C# program invites a Font Dialog Box and retrieve the selected Font Name and Font Size.

Full Source C#
using System; using System.Drawing; using System.Windows.Forms; namespace WindowsFormsApplication1 { public partial class Form1 : Form { public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); } private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { FontDialog dlg = new FontDialog(); dlg.ShowDialog(); if (dlg.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK) { string fontName; float fontSize; fontName = dlg.Font.Name; fontSize = dlg.Font.Size; MessageBox.Show(fontName + " " + fontSize ); } } } }