The System.Diagnostics.TraceSwitch Class offers a versatile multilevel switch that empowers developers to regulate tracing and debug output dynamically, eliminating the need for code recompilation. Tracing dumps can be remarkably extensive, posing a potential burden on the machine and hard drive, particularly in long-running applications. It is important to note that the TraceSwitch does not directly govern the Trace statements; instead, one must pass one of its properties into a WriteLineIf or WriteIf method to activate the desired level of tracing or debug output.

The TraceSwitch constructor take three values:

  1. Display Name
  2. Description
  3. Default Trace Value

The default value is 0


The level of a TraceSwitch can be configured by modifying the application configuration file, enabling you to utilize the designated TraceSwitch level within your application. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to instantiate a TraceSwitch directly within your code and manually set the desired level to effectively instrument a targeted section of your codebase. This TraceSwitch offers a comprehensive range of five distinct levels, spanning from None to Verbose, providing you with the ability to carefully fine-tune and customize the extent of tracing activities according to your specific requirements.

  1. TraceLevel.Error: Output error-handling messages.
  2. TraceLevel.Info Output: informational messages, warnings, and error-handling messages.
  3. TraceLevel.Off: Output no tracing and debugging messages.
  4. TraceLevel.Verbose: Output all debugging and tracing messages.
  5. TraceLevel.Warning: Output warnings and error-handling messages.

To configure a TraceSwitch, you can modify the application configuration file associated with your application. Within this file, you have the capability to add or remove a switch, establish the desired value for a switch, or effectively reset all previously defined switches within the application. This configuration process grants you the flexibility to precisely tailor the behavior of the TraceSwitch according to your specific requirements and preferences.

The configuration file should be formatted like the following example:

configure a TraceSwitch c#