UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte

This will solve UnicodeDecodeError :
df.read_csv('file_name.csv', engine='python')


  1. Open the csv file in Sublime text editor or VS Code.
  2. Save the file in utf-8 format.
In sublime, Click File -> Save with encoding -> UTF-8

Then use:

On Windows, many editors assume the default ANSI encoding (CP1252 on US Windows, used in Western Europe and the Americas) instead of UTF-8 if there is no BOM ( Byte Order Mark ) character at the start of the file. Files store bytes, which means all unicode have to be encoded into bytes before they can be stored in a file. The pandas read_csv() takes an encoding option to deal with files in different formats. So, you have to specify an encoding, such as utf-8. Also, you can encode a problematic series first then decode it back to utf-8 .
df['column-name'] = df['column-name'].map(lambda x: x.encode('unicode-escape').decode('utf-8'))

This will also rectify the problem.