Pandas dataframe.groupby()

The groupby statement in DataFrame groups rows that have the similar values into summary rows, like "find the number of Apple Steve have". The DataFrame groupby statement is often used with aggregate functions (sum, count, mean, min, max etc.) to group the output by one or more columns.

Lets' create DataFrame with values.

Here you can see 3 names (Doe, Mike and Steve) have different kind of fruits (Apple, Orange and Grapes). So, you can have some operations on these tables using DataFrame groupby statement.

Pandas dataframe.groupby() examples

In the above image you can see some results from the above DataFrame. So, lets try to get the above result using DataFrame group by operation.

Apply reset_index()

Also, you get another result to change the groupby order:

Pivot Table

You can use the pivot functionality to arrange the data in a better grid.

Find the total count of fruits by person

Find the total count of fruits

How many row entries for fruits in the table?
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