How to ASP.NET Ajax

ASP.NET Ajax extension is a vital component of ASP.NET that enables the effective implementation of Ajax functionalities. Formerly known as Atlas, ASP.NET Ajax serves as an extension of ASP.NET 2.0 and offers comprehensive support for both client-side and server-side development.

Networking layer

The client-side aspect of the Ajax extension revolves around a robust client library, with the networking layer being its core component. This networking layer manages the intricacies involved in making asynchronous calls using the XMLHttpRequest object. It simplifies the complexity of communication between the server and the client, facilitating efficient and responsive interactions.


The XMLHttpRequest object plays a pivotal role in Ajax web applications. It acts as a communication layer, enabling the exchange of data between the server and the client. With the help of JavaScript, the XMLHttpRequest object is responsible for initiating requests to the web server and processing the response. By leveraging this object, partial updates of web pages can be achieved without the need to perform full postbacks to the web server. XMLHTTP, a protocol designed to package data as XML and transmit it over the network, enables the seamless transfer of data between the client and the web server. It is important to note that the XMLHttpRequest object is widely supported by the majority of modern web browsers.


Among the commonly utilized ASP.NET Ajax server controls are ScriptManager, UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress, and Timer. The ScriptManager control and the UpdatePanel control play key roles in enabling partial-page updates, allowing selected parts of the web page to be refreshed without requiring a full postback. The UpdateProgress control provides valuable status information regarding the progress of downloads occurring within the UpdatePanel. Lastly, the Timer control facilitates the execution of postbacks at specified intervals, offering enhanced interactivity and dynamic functionality to the web application.


The ASP.NET Ajax extension is an integral part of ASP.NET, providing the necessary tools and components for effectively implementing Ajax functionalities. It supports both client-side and server-side development and offers seamless communication between the server and the client through the XMLHttpRequest object. With the aid of ASP.NET Ajax server controls, developers can achieve partial-page updates, display progress information, and enable postbacks at specific intervals, resulting in dynamic and interactive web applications.