Object Based Language and OOPs

Difference between Object Based Language and Object Oriented Language C# asp.net vb.net

In a programming sense, the term "object-based language" may be used to describe any programming language that is based on the idea of encapsulating state and operations inside "objects". Object-based languages need not support inheritance or polymorphism . While Object oriented language support all feature of OOPS i.e. Inheritance, polymorphism etc. In Object Oriented Language there is no built in type of objects are available but in Object Based Language Build in type object are available like window object in javascript.

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For ex: JavaScript is an Object Based Language, it can build actual objects from a constructor function and it has almost any feature that any object could have such as Constructor, functions (Methods), Properties, Instances etc. But, Javascript is not an Object Oriented Programming Language because it has no feature that fits the requirements of the definition of Object Oriented Programming Language such as Inheritance, Polymorphism etc.

Example Object oriented languages are Java, C# etc. and examples of Object based language are JavaScript, and Visual Basic (VB) etc.