Different Types of Inheritance

Inheritance is the process of creating a new Class, called the Derived Class, from the existing class, called the Base Class. The Inheritance has many advantages, the most important of them being the reusability of code. Rather than developing new Objects from scratch, new code can be based on the work of other developers, adding only the new features that are needed. The reuse of existing classes saves time and effort.

However, inheritance may be implemented in different combinations in Object-Oriented Programming languages as illustrated in figure and they include:

  1. Single Inheritance
  2. Multi Level Inheritance
  3. Hierarchical Inheritance
  4. Hybrid Inheritance
  5. Multipath inheritance
  6. Multiple Inheritance

Single Inheritance

Single Inheritance in C# VB.Net

When a Derived Class to inherit properties and behavior from a single Base Class, it is called as single inheritance.

Multi Level Inheritance

Multi Level Inheritance in C# VB.Net

A derived class is created from another derived class is called Multi Level Inheritance

Hierarchical Inheritance

Hierarchical Inheritance in C# VB.Net

More than one derived class are created from a single base class, is called Hierarchical Inheritance

Hybrid Inheritance

Hybrid Inheritance in C# VB.Net

Any combination of above three inheritance (single, hierarchical and multi level) is called as hybrid inheritance.

Multipath inheritance

Multipath inheritance in C# VB.Net

Multiple inheritance is a method of inheritance in which one derived class can inherit properties of base class in different paths. This inheritance is not supported in .NET Languages such as C#.

Multiple Inheritance

Multipath inheritance in C# VB.Net

Multiple inheritances allows programmers to create classes that combine aspects of multiple classes and their corresponding hierarchies. In .Net Framework, the classes are only allowed to inherit from a single parent class, which is called single inheritance. More about.... Why in .NET multiple inheritance is not allowed
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