How many ways you can pass values to Windows Services

C# Interview Questions

There are four ways to Interact with the windows service.

1.Through Windows Registry

2.Through WMI

3.Through Command

4.Through interop

Difference between Windows Service and Web Service ?

A Windows service is an application that runs without a user being logged into the system, usually to process some data on the machine that needs no user intervention to work with.

A Web service is a website that, when contacted, returns XML (typically) in one of several standard formats for the service consumer to process.

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How does a Windows service differ from a standard exe ? Interview Questions

A windows service always runs once the computer starts up (as long as it's so configured). On the other hand, a standard EXE only runs when a user is logged in, and will stop if the user logs out.

You would use a windows service for things that always need to run even if nobody is logged in and you would use a standard EXE for programs that a user will run while logged in.
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