C# equivalent of the vb isNothing

The C# equivalent of the VB.NET IsNothing function is the null keyword. In C#, the null keyword is used to indicate the absence of an object reference or the absence of a value for a reference type. It can be used to check if a reference type variable is null or if an object is null.

VB.NET code using IsNothing

Dim obj As Object = Nothing If IsNothing(obj) Then Console.WriteLine("Object is null") End If

C# code using null

object obj = null; if (obj == null) { Console.WriteLine("Object is null"); }

In the example, the VB.NET code uses the IsNothing function to check if the obj variable is null. In C#, the equivalent check is performed using the == operator with the null keyword.


Note that the null keyword can only be used with reference types and not with value types, as value types cannot be null.