ASP Session Vs ASP.NET Session

Session Type Support

Asp only supports InProc session , so it cannot span across multiple servers while Asp.Net support both InProc and OutProc(State Server and SQl Server). So, it can span across multiple servers .

Process Dependency

In Asp, the session is process dependent . That is, Asp session state is dependent on IIS process very heavily. So if IIS restarts Asp session variables are also recycled. Whereas In Asp.Net, the session is process independent . That is, Asp.Net session can be independent of the hosting environment thus Asp.Net session can maintained even if IIS reboots.

Cookie Dependency

In Asp, the session is cookie dependent . That is, Asp session only function when browser supports cookies. While Asp.Net supports cookieless session, so the session in Asp.Net is cookie independent .

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