What is Virtual Directory

A virtual directory is a user-defined directory name that is configured in Internet Information Services (IIS) and linked to a physical directory on the local server's storage or a directory on a remote server. By utilizing the Internet Information Services Manager, administrators can easily create virtual directories for ASP.NET Web applications hosted in IIS.

The virtual directory name becomes an integral part of the application's URL, serving as a user-friendly alias or nickname. This alias is often shorter and more convenient for users to type compared to the actual path of the physical directory. When a query or request is made, the virtual directory efficiently routes it to the appropriate backend identity repositories. It seamlessly combines identity data from diverse and heterogeneous data stores, presenting a unified and cohesive view as if it originated from a single source.

How to create a virtual directory by using IIS Manager

  1. In IIS Manager, expand the local computer and the Web site to which you want to add a virtual directory.
  2. Right-click the site or folder in which you want to create the virtual directory, click New, and then click Virtual Directory.
  3. In the Add Virtual Directory dialog box, at a minimum enter information in the Alias and Physical path and then click OK.


By default, Internet Information Server uses configuration from Web.config files in the physical directory to which the virtual directory is mapped, as well as in any child directories in that physical directory