Types of unit test cases

Following are the three test cases :

  1. Positive Test cases
  2. Negative Test cases
  3. Exception Test cases

Positive Test cases is the first form of testing that a tester would perform on an application. If a test scenario doesn't need data, then the positive testing would require running the test exactly the manner in which it is supposed to run and hence it ensures that the application is meeting the specifications. The main purpose of Negative Test cases is to check if the errors are being shown to the user where its supposed to or handling a bad value more gracefully. It is the process of applying as much creativity as possible and validating the application against invalid data. So, Negative Test cases ensures the stability of the application. In Exception testing , it verify that code throws exceptions as expected.

Debug class and Trace class

The Systems.Diagnostics namespace includes Trace and Debug classes and both have very similar methods. The primary difference is that calls to the Debug class are typically only included in Debug build and Trace are included in Debug build and Release build. More about... Debug class and Trace class
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