Get Current time | Python

The is a class method that returns the current time.

This method uses the time.localtime without the timezone info.

Get current time - python3

how to get current time in python

**datetime.utcnow() is a non-timezone aware object.

Python time interval measurement

The Python time() function returns the number of seconds passed since epoch.

milliseconds - float number, good for time interval measurement. For the standard CPython implementation on most platforms this will return a UTC value.

Isoformat() of Time Class In Python

The method isoformat() returns the time as a string in the format as specified by the ISO 8601 standard. The return value can contain a string of minimum length 2, representing HH for hours and of maximum length 15, representing HH:MM:SS:ssssss.

Get current time using Python pandas

Get current time using numpy
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