jQuery data() Method

The data() method in jQuery is used to associate data with elements in a web page. It allows you to store and retrieve arbitrary data, such as strings, numbers, objects, or arrays, and associate it with DOM elements. This can be helpful when you need to store custom information about elements without modifying their attributes directly.

$(selector).data(key, value);
  1. selector: This specifies the element(s) you want to associate data with.
  2. key: A string that serves as the identifier for the data.
  3. value: The data you want to store, which can be of any data type.

Storing and Retrieving Data

Suppose you have an HTML element and you want to associate a piece of data with it using the data() method:

<div id="myElement">Click me!</div> // Store data $("#myElement").data("info", "This is some information."); // Retrieve data var info = $("#myElement").data("info"); console.log(info); // Output: "This is some information."

In this example, we associate the string "This is some information." with the element with the ID "myElement" using data("info", "This is some information."). Later, we retrieve the data with data("info") and log it to the console.

Using Objects

You can also store more complex data like objects or arrays:

// Store an object $("#myElement").data("person", { name: "John", age: 30 }); // Retrieve the object var person = $("#myElement").data("person"); console.log(person.name); // Output: "John" console.log(person.age); // Output: 30

In this case, we store an object representing a person with a name and age as data and later retrieve and access its properties.

Using Functions

You can even store functions as data:

// Store a function $("#myElement").data("clickHandler", function() { alert("Element clicked!"); }); // Retrieve and execute the function var clickHandler = $("#myElement").data("clickHandler"); $("#myElement").on("click", clickHandler); // Attach the function to the click event

Here, we store a click handler function and later retrieve and attach it to the element's click event.


The data() method is useful for storing and associating custom data with DOM elements in a clean and organized manner, making it easier to work with complex web applications where additional information needs to be associated with elements.