Why jQuery is needed?

Based on the manipulation of the HTML Document Object Model (DOM) and designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML, jQuery incorporates parts of HTML and CSS. It is more compact and well written JavaScript code that increases the productivity of the web programmers by enabling them to achieve critical UI functionality by writing very small amount of code. No need to learn fresh new syntaxes to use jQuery, knowing simple JavaScript syntax is enough. The most important reason for the acceptance of jQuery is that it helps to improve the performance of the application. Another reason is that the Document Object Model's API is one and its inconsistency across browsers has been the biggest obstacle to the development of web applications nowadays. jQuery has helped us building applications better and faster by overcoming these problems. Also, jQuery has simple and cleaner code , no need to write several lines of codes to achieve complex functionality. Moreover, it is extensible – it can be extended to implement customized behaviour. jQuery doesn't replace any JavaScript functionality of course and it adds lots of useful lightweight utilities. Despite its decline in terms of appeal, usage and popularity, jQuery is indeed still heavily used and might still be important in the coming years.