is jquery replace javascript?

jQuery is built on top of JavaScript . jQuery is not a scripting language in and of itself. It is a framework to help make writing JavaScript easier. Since its introduction in 2006, jQuery has caused a revolution in front-end scripting. It should be mentioned that browsers parse only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Hence, all JavaScript libraries/frameworks (jQuery, Knockout, Angular) are written in JavaScript or in languages like TypeScript that transconpiles to JavaScript (e.g. Angular 2). These JavaScript libraries provide you the opportunity to write less lines of codes or to create interfaces following patterns like MVC (e.g. Angular), MVVM (e.g. Knockout) as well as other patterns, but under the hood, they are all result in JavaScript. So, technically these JavaScript libraries can't replace JavaScript because it's just a library. But more and more people are getting familiar with it and they don't bother to learn the JavaScript, which means it's practically replacing JavaScript. Ultimately, JavaScript itself should improve or be replaced with something better. In fact, the ECMA specification 6 is bringing more cool features to JavaScript.