Minified version of JQuery

Minimized version is one of the main methods used to reduce load times and bandwidth usage on websites. It dramatically improves site speed and accessibility, directly translating into a better user experience.

It's common to see two versions of jQuery files:

  1. myLib.js (the original version, meant to be included in development mode for debugging)

  2. myLib.min.js (the minified version, meant for production)
The jquery.min.js (Minified file) is something with jQuery-x.x.x-min.js extension. In terms of functionality, there is no difference between the jQuery-x.x.x.js and jQuery-x.x.x-min.js. The sole benefit of minified jQuery file is allowing a client to download fewer bytes , enabling the page to load faster, use less battery, use less of a mobile data plan, etc. The jQuery-x.x.x-min.js file will be more than 50% less than the normal js file. Reduction in the file size makes the web page faster . For ex. jQuery-1.4.4.js file size is 189 KB as against its minified version jQuery-1.4.4-min.js, which is only 86.7 KB in size. So when your page loads in the client's browser if you are not using minified version, it loads 189 KB file that takes more time to load than 86.7 KB. Hence, by this manner the performance is increased .