Delaying jQuery Document Ready Execution

You can delay the document.ready event until a specific variable is set by using a technique commonly known as "polling." In this approach, you repeatedly check the variable's value at regular intervals until it meets the desired condition. Once the condition is met, you can proceed with the code that relies on the variable's value.

Delay document.ready Until a Variable is Set

Suppose you have a variable myVariable that you want to wait for before executing code inside $(document).ready():

var myVariable; // Polling function to check if myVariable is set function checkVariable() { if (typeof myVariable !== "undefined") { // Variable is set; proceed with document.ready code $(document).ready(function() { // Your code here that relies on myVariable console.log("myVariable is set:", myVariable); }); } else { // Variable is not yet set; continue polling setTimeout(checkVariable, 100); // Poll every 100 milliseconds (adjust as needed) } } // Start the polling process checkVariable(); // Simulate setting the variable (e.g., after an asynchronous operation) setTimeout(function() { myVariable = "Hello, world!"; }, 2000); // Set the variable after 2 seconds (adjust as needed)
In this example:
  1. The variable myVariable is initially declared but not yet set.
  2. The checkVariable function is defined to poll the variable's value. It checks whether myVariable is defined (not undefined). If it's defined, it means the variable has been set, and it proceeds to execute the code inside $(document).ready().
  3. If myVariable is not yet defined, the checkVariable function schedules another check after a short delay (e.g., 100 milliseconds).
  4. Eventually, when the variable is set (simulated after 2 seconds in this example), the code inside $(document).ready() is executed.

This polling mechanism allows you to delay the execution of document.ready until a specific variable is set, ensuring that your code inside the document.ready handler relies on the correct value of that variable.


Delaying the execution of the jQuery document.ready event until a specific variable is set can be achieved through polling. This involves repeatedly checking the variable's value until it meets the desired condition, ensuring that the code inside document.ready relies on the correct variable state once it's set.