What is infinity in javascript?

Infinity is a property of the global object , or in other words, a variable in global scope. The initial value of Infinity is Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY . The JavaScript keyword Infinity points to the same internal value as POSITIVE_INFINITY. For practical purposes, "Infinity" can be used interchangeably with "Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY" in your scripts.

POSITIVE_INFINITY is displayed when a number exceeds the upper limit of the floating point numbers, which is 1.797693134862315E+308 while NEGATIVE_INFINITY is displayed when a number exceeds the lower limit of the floating point numbers, which is -1.797693134862316E+308. POSITIVE_INFINITY vs. MAX_VALUE — The value of the MAX_VALUE property is the largest number your JavaScript interpreter can handle. Larger value will be viewed as POSITIVE_INFINITY. NEGATIVE_INFINITY vs. MIN_VALUE — The value of the MIN_VALUE property is the smallest (closest to zero) number your JavaScript interpreter can handle, while NEGATIVE_INFINITY is the largest negative number the JavaScript interpreter can represent.

The value of NEGATIVE_INFINITY and POSITIVE_INFINITY are read-only : they cannot be changed by your scripts; they are returned by JavaScript whenever a function or operation returns a number larger than the MAX_VALUE the JavaScript interpreter can handle.

The script below illustrate how the JavaScript interpreter understands the concept of infinity (anything out of bound is infinite).

The above script return "true" because JavaScript interpreter understands the concept, the negative infinity identical to the negative double of the finite MAX_VALUE property.
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