What is noscript tag?

The <noscript> tag is an HTML element used to provide alternative content or instructions that are displayed when JavaScript is not enabled or supported in a web browser. It serves as a way to handle situations where a user's browser does not have JavaScript enabled or has JavaScript disabled.

Fallback Content

The <noscript> tag contains content that is displayed when JavaScript is not available. This content can be used to provide an alternative user experience or inform users that certain features require JavaScript.

Use Cases

Some common use cases for <noscript> include:

  1. Informing users that the website's functionality may be limited without JavaScript.
  2. Displaying a message asking users to enable JavaScript for optimal browsing experience.
  3. Offering alternative content, such as non-interactive versions of certain features, forms, or media.


The <noscript> tag can be placed anywhere within the <body> of an HTML document. It can enclose various HTML elements, including text, images, links, forms, and more.


The content within the <noscript> tag can be styled using CSS, similar to other HTML content. This allows designers to ensure that the fallback content is still visually appealing and consistent with the overall design of the website.

SEO Considerations

Search engine crawlers typically do not execute JavaScript. Therefore, if important content or links are placed within a <noscript> tag, they will be accessible to search engines and improve SEO.

Progressive Enhancement

The use of the <noscript> tag aligns with the principle of progressive enhancement, where a baseline experience is provided for all users, and additional enhancements are applied for users with more capable browsers that support JavaScript.

Not Recommended for Complex UIs

While the <noscript> tag is useful for simple fallback content or notifications, it's not ideal for implementing complex user interfaces as the alternative. In such cases, a more robust approach, like server-side rendering, might be preferred.

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>noscript</title> </head> <body> <script type = "text/JavaScript"> document.write("Hello World!") </script> <noscript> Your browser does not support JavaScript! </noscript> </body> </html>


The <noscript> tag is a tool that web developers use to cater to users who do not have JavaScript enabled in their browsers. It ensures that users still receive meaningful content and instructions, even in cases where JavaScript functionality is unavailable.