What is infinity in javascript?

In JavaScript, Infinity is a special numeric value that represents positive infinity, which is a concept used to denote a value that is larger than any finite number. It is often used to represent mathematical concepts like division by zero or values that exceed the range of representable numbers.

Positive Infinity

const positiveInfinity = Infinity; console.log(positiveInfinity); // Output: Infinity console.log(typeof positiveInfinity); // Output: "number" console.log(positiveInfinity + 1); // Output: Infinity (any number added to Infinity is still Infinity) console.log(positiveInfinity * 2); // Output: Infinity (Infinity multiplied by any non-zero number is still Infinity) console.log(positiveInfinity / 0); // Output: Infinity (division by zero)

Negative Infinity

JavaScript also has a negative infinity value, represented as -Infinity. It's used to denote values that are smaller than any finite number.

const negativeInfinity = -Infinity; console.log(negativeInfinity); // Output: -Infinity console.log(typeof negativeInfinity); // Output: "number" console.log(negativeInfinity - 1); // Output: -Infinity (any number subtracted from -Infinity is still -Infinity) console.log(negativeInfinity / 0); // Output: -Infinity (division by zero)

Special Cases

Operations with Infinity

  1. Any arithmetic operation with Infinity results in Infinity.
  2. Dividing a non-zero finite number by Infinity results in 0.
console.log(Infinity + 1); // Output: Infinity console.log(1 / Infinity); // Output: 0


  1. Infinity is considered greater than any finite number.
  2. -Infinity is considered smaller than any finite number.
console.log(Infinity > 1000); // Output: true console.log(-Infinity < -1000); // Output: true

Type Conversions

  1. Trying to convert Infinity to a string results in "Infinity".
  2. Infinity is truthy in boolean context.
console.log(String(Infinity)); // Output: "Infinity" console.log(Boolean(Infinity)); // Output: true


Infinity is a concept used in JavaScript to represent unbounded values, typically used for indicating values that are larger (or smaller, with -Infinity) than any representable finite number. It's essential to understand its behavior, especially when dealing with arithmetic operations and comparisons involving large or unbounded values.