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What are the drawbacks of Python?

Disadvantages of Python are:


Python is slower than C or C++. But of course, Python is a high-level language, unlike C or C++ it's not closer to hardware.

Mobile Development

Python is not a very good language for mobile development . It is seen as a weak language for mobile computing. This is the reason very few mobile applications are built in it like Carbonnelle.

Memory Consumption

Python is not a good choice for memory intensive tasks. Due to the flexibility of the data-types, Python's memory consumption is also high.

Database Access

Python has limitations with database access . As compared to the popular technologies like JDBC and ODBC, the Python's database access layer is found to be bit underdeveloped and primitive . However, it cannot be applied in the enterprises that need smooth interaction of complex legacy data .

Runtime Errors

Python programmers cited several issues with the design of the language. Because the language is dynamically typed , it requires more testing and has errors that only show up at runtime . (C) 2018    Founded by raps mk
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