What do *args and **kwargs mean?

The parameter with ** (double star) and * (star) allow for functions to be defined to accept and for users to pass any number of arguments , positional (*) and keyword (**). The single asterisk form (*args) is used to pass a non-keyworded, when we aren't sure how many arguments are going to be passed to a function, or if we want to pass a stored list or tuple of arguments to a function. The double asterisk (**kwargs) form is used to pass keywors, when we don't know how many keyword arguments will be passed to a function, which will be in a dict named kwargs. *args example
def print_colors(*args): print(args) print_colors('red','blue','green','yellow')
('red', 'blue', 'green', 'yellow')
**kwargs example
def print_numbers(**kwargs): for key in kwargs: print (key, kwargs[key]) print_numbers(one=1, two="two",three=3,four="four")
one 1 four four two two three 3