Important features of Java

The following are some important features of Java Programming Language:

  1. Simple
  2. Platform Independent
  3. Architectural Neutral
  4. Dynamic and Extensible
  5. Portable
  6. Multi Threading
  7. Distributed
  8. Networked
  9. Robust
  10. Secured
  11. High Performance
  12. Object Oriented


The Java language is easy to learn and its coding style is easy to read and write. It contains many features of other Languages like C and C++ and Java removes complexity because it doesn't use pointers and doesn't support Multiple Inheritance.

Platform Independent

This is where the "Write Once, run anywhere" motto for Java comes in. It means that you can develop on one environment(Operating System) and run on another environment without doing any modification of the code.

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Architectural Neutral

Java application runs the same bytecodes regardless of any environment (Operating System). To enable a Java application to execute anywhere on the network, the compiler generates an architecture-neutral object file format.

Dynamic and Extensible

Java has Dynamic and Extensible means with the help of OOPS you can add classes and plug in new methods to classes, creating new classes through sub classes. This makes Java very easy to augment with your own classes or even to modify.


Java programs can execute in any environment (Linux,Window,Mac etc.) for which there is a Java run-time system (JVM). That really means there is no implementation dependent features.

Multi Threading

Java supports Multithreading. Multithreading means handling more than one job at a time, so get more process get done in less time than it could with just one thread.


Java was designed with the distributed environment. It has networking facilities, so it can be transmit, run over internet. for ex. RMI and EJB are used for creating distributed applications.


Java is mainly designed for web based applications. Java masks lot of complexity by providing classes for you that already implements the hard parts, such as creating socket connections, reading the contents of the URL as a file etc. Moreover, J2EE is used for developing network based applications.


Robust simply means strong. Its capability to handle Run-time Error, automatic garbage collection, the lack of pointer concept, Exception Handling etc. makes java robust.


The Java platform is designed with security features built into the language and runtime system such as Bytecode verification for distrusted code, support for authentication and privacy etc. Java program always runs in Java runtime environment with almost null interaction with OS, hence it is more secure.

High Performance

Although Java is an interpreted language, it was designed to support "just-in-time" compilers, which dynamically compile bytecodes to machine code. Bytecodes are highly optimized, so Java Virtual Machine can executed them much faster.

Object Oriented

Java supports Inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism, the three major Object Oriented constructs that distinguish a language as Object-Oriented.